Check The Date Code On A Louis Vuitton Bag

One of the most helpful ways to determine whether a Louis Vuitton bag is authentic is verifying the date code because unlike other brands such as Chanel, LV bags do not come with authenticity cards. Louis Vuitton has been incorporating date codes in almost every bag, wallet, shoe style, and small leather piece since the early s. Prior to the s, there was no such thing as a Louis Vuitton date code, which makes it difficult to date vintage pieces. Although counterfeit bags can have date codes that appear authentic, there are many other details to review when considering authenticity. In early s date codes, the first two numbers indicate the year, and the last one or two numbers indicate the month of manufacturing. In , Louis Vuitton changed the four-digit numbering system format. Instead of indicating the month an item was manufactured, the first and third numbers now represent the week and the second and fourth numbers still represent the year. The letters continue to represent the specific factory where an item was manufactured. An exception for this rule is sunglasses.

A Quick Guide to Authentic Louis Vuitton Date Codes: Updated

One of the first things most people look for when examining a pre-owned Louis Vuitton to see if it is real or fake, is the date code. The date code on a Louis Vuitton helps identify where and when the bag was produced. Many can be overwhelmed by trying to read the date code on a Louis Vuitton. Keep in mind fake Louis Vuitton bags can still have real date codes, and some real Louis Vuitton bags will have no date code.

The best way to determine if a Louis Vuitton is real or fake is to have the bag professional authenticated. Note: This calculator is in beta as we work to upload all the data for Louis Vuitton date code sequences.

Authentic Louis Vuitton Eva Handbag Great Condition Date Code SD | eBay​. Louis Vuitton Sarah Wallet Overview – YouTube. Louis Vuitton Mahina Amelia.

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So much so in fact, that counterfeiters flood the market with fake interpretations of classic Louis Vuitton handbags , making it difficult to recognise the real deal. No stamp tramps. The Louis Vuitton stamp on every handbag is extremely important for identifying the bag’s authenticity; it is often a tell-tale sign as to whether the item is fake or not. Firstly, the lettering should be clear, thin, crisp, and of course easily readable.

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A discontinued style, making this a sought after travel friendly size in med 23cm or 9″size, the bag features a zip top opening and signature LV monongram print. The pouch is in good vintage condition with signs of use, zipper closes securely. Comes with LV dust bag. For every bag purchase at Luxury Promise, we offer a 90 day warranty on parts and stitching, so if you bag breaks we fix it for free!

We also guarantee the authenticity of your bag or your money back.

All Louis Vuitton bags made since the ‘s have a date code, which is embossed into the lining or on a leather tag affixed to the inside of the.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Note: Currency exchange rates can fluctuate by the minute. The actual exchange rate against the US Dollar will be calculated at the time of checkout. Contrary to popular belief, Louis Vuitton handbags excluding luggage and rare limited edition pieces do not have serial numbers. Rather, Louis Vuitton handbags have “date codes” stamped either on interior tags or directly on the interior linings.

These date codes simply serve to identify the manufacturing location and date for a Louis Vuitton handbag, not to verify it’s authenticity. With the exception of early handbags early s and older , date codes can be found on all Louis Vuitton handbags and other items made by the luxury brand e. Most date codes are a combination of letters and numbers. The format of the date codes are as follows:.

Prior to early s.

How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

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There are many replicas that look very similar to real Louis Vuitton bags so it is An authentic bag does not have a serial number but has a date code to identify.

When one thinks of unparalleled luxury and unrivaled French elegance, Louis Vuitton easily comes to mind. From the ultra-versatile Neverfull to the effortlessly cool Twist Bag, Louis Vuitton purses are some of the most sought-after and coveted bags of all time. Around the age of 14, he decided to leave his home and made his way to the more exciting city of Paris, taking occasional jobs here and there to support himself during his two-year journey.

Prior to this, traditional luggage was bulky and featured dome-shaped lids to run-off rainwater. A new mode of transportation became popular in the early twentieth century: the car. Going on spontaneous drives and taking impromptu weekend jaunts soon became fashionable. The Keepall was created in by Gaston Vuitton, the grandson of Louis, to cater to the new desire for a travel-friendly and compact bag that was more suitable for shorter trips.

A smaller version of the popular Keepall, the original Speedy measured 30cm and was designed for everyday use. Notorious for never offering discounts or any form of sales promotions, Louis Vuitton bags are revered status symbols that will never go out of style. From Spain to the United States, the workshops leave marks on finished products in the form of date codes. While other luxury brand items are equipped with serial numbers, Louis Vuitton uses something more distinctive: the date code.

A unique letter and number combination containing information about when and where your bag was produced, the date code was created during the start of the s.

Louis Vuitton Date Codes & Authentication

However, this is not to say that any bags prior to this time are not authentic, they are just that much harder to authenticate and require an expert opinion. Here you will discover what these codes are, why they exist, and how to decipher them. Louis Vuitton began to include a set of letters that represented the factory in which the piece was made and identified the country where said factory was located.

FREE LOUIS VUITTON AUTHENTICATION CHECK. louis vuitton date code checker. Check your Louis Vuitton Date code and learn if your bag is real or fake! (last.

Louis Vuitton is known for its intergenerational statement bags. The French luxury brand has designed some of the most iconic silhouettes that are just as popular now as they were when they were first released. Collectible trunks, the Speedy, and the Alma are some styles that are just too good to discontinue. Another noteable style is the Neverfull. The Neverfull has been recreated with many motifs and a few structural updates over the years, but the brand continues to produce the Neverfull in monogram canvas year after year.

So, how can you tell the difference? When buying a vintage bag, the first things to consider are condition and age. It is fairly easy to tell the condition of a bag visually. It is harder to tell the age.

Louis Vuitton Guide

Lost password? Post the mids all Louis Vuitton items carry a Date Code. It can be a number or a combination of numbers and alphabets; depending upon the period of when the item was manufactured. However, post Louis Vuitton date codes are a combination of two alphabets and four numbers that are usually imprinted on a leather tab or sometimes on the interior Alcantara of the item. Most often it is hard to find, and one often misses it if she does not carefully go through the interior of the handbag or the accessory.

Features: Two letters followed by four digits. The first two letters represent the factory location. The first and third numbers represent the month and the second and forth numbers represent the year. For example, “AR” would indicate that the.

Authentic pre-loved luxury. Sell with us – Whatsapp: Deciphering the Louis Vuitton date codes. They are a combination of letters and numbers that identify the location and date the bag was made. We are here to help you understand the meaning of the code on your bag. When it comes to the numbers in your date code, it becomes slightly more complex. If your bag is older than it won’t have a date code however for bags from the early 80s the date codes had three or four number with the first two digits showing the year and the last number s indicating the month.

Later on in the 80s, the date code would consist of three or four numbers followed by two letters. Here, the first two numbers tell us the year, the next number s indicate the month and the letters represent the factory location as seen in the above table. Here, the first and third number represents the month and then the second and fourth number tells us the year. For example, we currently have a white multicolour speedy bag for sale with the date code ‘RI’.

So, from the date code, we can decipher that the bag came from a French factory RI , from the third week 03 of Twitter Facebook Youtube Instagram Pinterest. Signup for our newsletter Right.

Expert’s Guide to Buying an Authentic Louis Vuitton Handbag

Yulia Omelich March 20, Founded in , Louis Vuitton is one of the oldest luxury fashion retailers in the world. But this is a handbag guide; why are we talking about Louis Vuitton trunks, you may ask?

Fake Louis Vuitton Bags: How to Spot a Real One – 1stdibs. In the early s, Louis Vuitton began including date codes to identify a bag’s place of origin and.

All authentic Louis Vuitton handbags since the early ‘s have date codes. Date codes are a series of numbers and letters that represent the date the bag was made and the factory where it was made. These date codes are all font specific. This means that they are all done in a font specific to Louis Vuitton. Many, if not all, of the fakes out there today have date codes The best way to tell the difference between a real date code and a fake date code is to first check the font.

This can be tricky. Counterfeiters are getting rich knocking off designer bags and some have the fonts almost exact On a knockoff bag, even if the font “looks” right, there are other clear giveaways.. Many resale establishments posing as legitimate companies have popped up seemingly overnight.

Louis Vuitton Authentication Guide & Date Codes

If you are one of those luxury consumers who find a nice packing and a receipt ample proof of the originality of a certain posh product like a pre owned Louis Vuitton. Then, you need to be a little more cautious. With big brands comes bigger responsibilities — not just to take care of your product.

You can learn about a Louis Vuitton bag’s history by looking at its date code. Louis Vuitton has been placing date codes in almost every newly.

It’s no secret Louis Vuitton handbags are the most popular desired bags. As a result many counterfeiters are busy mass producing replicas. The market is literally flooded with knock offs. With so many popular celebrities, youtubers, instagramers, and influencers wearing Louis Vuitton the demand for knock offs is hot! Over the years the counterfeit business has grown to become a multi billion dollar industry.

Many women desire to own a Louis Vuitton handbag but simply cannot bring themselves to pay retail prices. Secondary markets such as eBay, Craigslist, Close 5, Amazon, do offer used Louis Vuitton handbags but then the question arises. With a good eye and attention detail you can quickly distinguish between a real and fake used Louis Vuitton handbags.

First and foremost research the bag you are interested in buying.

👜Buying Real Louis Vuitton versus Fake Replica Louis Vuitton